Our Rates

Portlandia Moving Co. is committed to making moving affordable for its customers, which is why we have the best prices around.

We are a pack and load moving company. Customers provide the truck, u-haul, pod, storage unit, or means of transportation for the belongings. We provide the experienced and professional movers that will safely and efficiently pack and unpack your belongings. We do same-day moves as well as a haul-away service for your unwanted materials (for an additional charge). Haul-aways are priced on a case-by-case basis. Every job has a 2-hour minimum.

Each Additional Mover


Every mover after the first two only costs $30.00. So for three movers it costs $90.00 per hour, for four it costs $120.00, and so on.

First 2 Movers


The first two movers cost $30.00 each, for a total of $60.00. Two movers is the minimum number for every job, and there is a 2-hour minimum for every job.

Other Costs

There may be some other fees depending on the job, such as extra fees for pianos, travel fees for jobs outside of Portland, etc. All of these fees will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. There will never be any surprises.